Welcome to Rigid Controls Pvt. Ltd.!

We introduce state of art technology of microprocessor based elevator controller for each and every requirement. Microprocessor is the latest technology in electronic industries and is now most successfully used in elevator industries for more than 10 years.

We are one of the India based leading manufacturer of microprocessor based elevator controller with high quality. We are also providing various parts of elevator and other electronics equipments with good high reliability.

Salient Features!

  • Down collective, Full Collective, Collective-Selective systems for collapseible and autodoor systems.
  • Signal read per floor and gang switch compatible.
  • Signal speed, Two speed and VVVF drive systems.
  • Fire switch with hooter control and auto fan facility.
  • Hall call buzzer, Door open buzzer and Voice announcement facility.
  • Call register indication with led or lamp and floor number display with seven segment facility.
  • Stretcher & Goods lift facility.
  • Powder coated control box.
  • Electrical and michenical both the safety is provided as a final limit switch.
  • Single phasing and Reverse phasing protection is provided.

Whats News?

  • Round Fan Grill
    Fan Grill
  • Square Fan Grill
    Fan Grill
  • Door Locks
    Door locks
  • Inspection Box
  • Retiring Cam
    Retiring Cam
  • Shutter Gate
    Shutter Gate
  • L. O. P.
  • C. O. P.
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